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Universal Dividing Head

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Universal dividing head is one of the most impotant attachments for milling machines.With the help of this dividing head,the workpiece held between centers,or on a chuck can be rotated to any angles as desired and the periphery of a wokpiece can be divided into any divisions of equal parts.By means of all kindsof cutters,dividing head can also help milling machines to perform the milling operation for flute,spur gear,spiral flute,Archimedean cam,helical flute and etc.
Dividing head is equipped with a face plate that can be mounted onto its spindle.The workpiece can be mounted on the face plate,cutting can be carried out on 4-sides of a workpiece.

Items FW80 F11100A F11125A F11160A F11200A
Center height        mm 80 100 125 160 200
Swivel angle of spindle from its horizontal position(upward) ≤90° ≤95°
Horizontal position(downward) ≤6° ≤5°
Rotating angle of spindle for one complete revolution of dividing handle 9°(540grad.,1’each)
Min. reading of vernier 10”
Worm gear ratio 1:40
Taper of spindle bore MT3 MT4
Width of locating key       mm 14 14 18 18 22
Dia.of short taper of spindle nose for mounting flange   mm Φ36.541 Φ41.275 Φ53.975
Hole numbers on index plate 1st  plate 24,25,28,30,34,37,38,39,41,42,43
2nd  plate 46,47,49,51,53,54,57,58,59,62,66
Change gear Module 1.5 2
Teeth numbers 25,30,35,40,50,55,60,70,80,90,100
Individual indexing error of the spindle for one complete revolution of dividing handle 60” ±45”
Cumulate error at any 1/4 periphery of spindle ±1’
Max. bearing         Kg 80 100 130 130 130
N.W.                 Kg 36 67 110 130 135
G.W.                 Kg 45 79 126 149 155
Case dimensions     mm 542X403X220 616X465X265 635X530X310 710X535X342 758X593X383